Looking Forward

If you have a mental health plan, but are on a waiting list, please ring to discuss options for interim support.

$110 / 90 minutes

Initial Individual consultation

All new clients can book an initial 90-minute session for a reduced price. This is to allow for the extra time to get to know each other and make a strong beginning (or possibly work through whatever has brought you to Counselling). It allows extra time so that you have the opportunity to feel comfortable to discuss what is important to you.

Please book the 90-minute session and I will reduce the price if paying at the end of the session or refund the difference if paid in advance.

$110 / 60 minutes
$155 / 90 minutes

Individual or couples counselling

The focus in these sessions is always on your priorities, goals and challenges. This is a safe, non-judgemental environment for us to work together towards your desired outcomes in a way that best suits you as a unique individual.

Couples/partners counselling includes a professional questionnaire to assess strengths and challenges in the relationship.

$100 / Individual (min 3) x 60 mins
$140 / Individual (min 3) x 90 mins
$145 / Couples (min 3) x 90 mins

Individual & Couples Session Packs

After the first session, we may decide together on a planned number of sessions. These packs allow you to make that decision at a reduced session rate, and can only be purchased in session or by phone call. You still have complete control over scheduling your appointments within the Client Portal.

Note: couple session packs are purchased in lots of two packages, one package assigned to each person.