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Lisa Harris Counselling

Lisa Harris Counselling


I provide an empathetic, non-judgemental counselling service that is totally focussed on meeting you where you are. By using proven techniques that are tailored to your personality, I will assist & support you with issues, challenges, or struggles in your life, including marriage/relationship issues.

Together we can work towards looking forward positively in your life, no matter what you are facing.


Office 5D, 23 Clarence Street
Port Macquarie NSW

0407 106 076



Life is ever-changing, with challenges from the outside world and from within ourselves. Sometimes challenges are just a bit too much to face on our own - and they can pile up and seem insurmountable. We have not failed or been too weak to cope - life can get a bit overwhelming for even the strongest of us. Sometimes we just need some support and guidance, or even simply a safe and compassionate listening ear.

You can schedule a free intake phone session using the button below.

Our first session is hugely important. We want to make sure that we are the right fit to work together for your success. To help with this, all new individual clients receive a 90-minute session for $150 (normal price $170). This gives you the time to really talk and not feel rushed.

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Albert Einstein

“In the middle of difficulty...
lies opportunity”

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